Making full use of possibilities: building services planning.

A modern building is essentially a machine encased in a shell, in which Individual and efficient technical solutions make all the difference. Our planning experts take full advantage of the potential that this offers, right from the start. There are various questions to deal with. Which solutions really meet users’ needs? What are the best dimensions to adopt? Which interfaces to other disciplines, such as architecture or structural engineering, need to be taken into account? After focusing on all the details involved, we develop the ideal overall solution for you. This involves application of the very latest methods of planning and calculation, such as computer simulations.

  • We work alongside the construction company in charge to ensure the smooth commissioning of all the subsystems concerned.
  • Three-dimensional planning improves the early detection of potential clashes.
  • The operating costs of all subsystems can be precisely calculated as early as the design phase.
  • With review and approval complete, execution planning also benefits from our integral approach.

Our experts know their stuff.

We plan, process and manage your individual mix – in all project phases and in compliance with Germany’s HOAI fee regulations.

  • gas and water utilities, waste-water disposal, fire extinguishing systems
  • heat supply
  • regenerative energy technologies
  • room ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration systems
  • electrical technology
  • medical and laboratory technology
  • elevator and conveyor technology
  • kitchen technology
  • building automation