Revitalisation: a future-proof and economic alternative.

This is something you might wish to take a close look at, as it can often be worthwhile to maintain the existing structure of an office block or commercial building, especially if the building concerned occupies a prime location with a corresponding potential to gain value. Revitalisation can also prove to be a sustainable alternative to demolition and rebuilding from scratch due to the high planning expenses and other cost requirements of new-builds.

We know our way around the specific area of revitalisation projects. The Kuhlenwall-Karree in Duisburg (shown above) is just one of the many renovations that our engineers have been in charge of. The buildings concerned are pared back to their intact structural core and then rebuilt using state-of-the-art façade construction and building technology. This conserves valuable resources and contributes to the preservation of social values. On the expense side, revitalisation often pays off in terms of shorter construction times and lower planning and building costs. intecplan’s use of more-efficient building technologies and energy-saving processes designed to protect the climate, save heat and improve ventilation. This means that the projects planned and implemented by the company currently achieve top marks in terms of CO2 emissions, energy efficiency, comfort and functionality; all at levels that were previously only possible for new buildings.

Good points that pay off.

  • significantly shorter planning and completion phases
  • low construction costs, thanks to use of the intact existing structure
  • no land purchase required
  • significant reductions in CO2 emissions and consumption of resources
  • application of the latest façade construction and building technology
  • established locations are conserved, with all their accrued benefits
  • added value for investors, owners and users