Planned today for the needs of tomorrow.

The buildings that we construct today reflect our responsibility to future generations. Which is why we pose these questions: What does it cost to develop the individual property? How can we optimise the operating and energy costs? Our definition of “costs” refers to the entire life-cycle of the property concerned. Construction costs only account for a small portion of these expenses. Most are long-term items, including energy consumption, maintenance, wear and tear and repair, and even dismantling. This is when the decision is made as to whether the original planning and realisation really were “sustainable” factors, or just short-term measures taken at the time.

Whether you want to revitalise a building, incorporate modern energy concepts or carry out a structural simulation, our engineers can provide many exciting solutions – always with an eye on the right sustainable alternative for your property. But, see for yourself …

Think green, do green:

In-building technology should not only function smoothly and safely, but also with the greatest possible energy efficiency. This is what we aspire to achieve, and the motive behind our engineers’ endeavours to develop long-lasting solutions that are both environmentally sustainable and economically viable.

Whether heating, cooling or supplying power from natural energy sources, we will provide you with exactly the right approach for their ideal application. Our role naturally also entails examining, in detail and on your behalf, the extent to which all this makes technical and economic sense.

We provide, from the planning stage onwards, key data and analyses for optimising the design of building façades. But you can also benefit in other respects, as our simulations and analysis results can likewise be applied to existing properties in order to detect design errors which can then be specifically corrected.

Our goal is perfectly coordinated building technology. That’s why we use precise physical construction dimensions and calculations as the basis for achieving optimal thermal protection; both for new construction and for renovations of existing buildings.


Should we demolish and rebuild from scratch? Not necessarily. Let us determine whether the existing building presents a more rewarding and, above all, resource-saving alternative for your project.

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Simulation method

Before the planning of technical and architectural details is completed, it’s worth taking a closer look at the building’s properties.

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Energy concepts

We actively support the environment with our holistic approaches to construction and energy usage and our tracking of the long-term environmental impact of your property.

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