Renovation and conversion of a historic protected building into a hotel in Dusseldorf’s historical city centre.

Conversion of a former monastery and administrative building originally dating from the 17th century to create a 4-star hotel with 180 rooms, conference facilities, a restaurant and fitness centre.


The former monastery and administrative complex located between Mühlenstrasse and Andreasstrasse, Mertensgasse and Grabbeplatz in the old city centre of Dusseldorf has a colourful history. State-of-the-art building services and technology are to be implemented in the conversion of this historic building from the 17th century into a 4-star hotel complete with the full range of modern comforts. Thereby, the historical character of the protected building is to remain largely unchanged.

The earliest sections of the Old Town Hall were built starting in the year 1619 and initially served as a Jesuit monastery and collegiate building. During the 17th century, additions were made and the existing complex underwent significant renovations. The part of the building which is visible today from the Mühlenstrasse was built following 1710 and an observatory erected by the Jesuits remained intact until 1953. In 1823, the façade along Mühlenstrasse was remodelled in the classical style according to the plans of Prussian architect and master builder Karl Friedrich Schinkel. The Old Town Hall continued to serve as a school building after its time as a Jesuit monastery and college and was most recently used in an administrative function after becoming government property.

Project Description

Derag Deutsche Realbesitz AG & Co. KG/Hotel Düsseldorf KG is converting the Old Town Hall in Dusseldorf into a 4-star hotel. The historical building is comprised of 6 sections containing areas for various types of use. In addition to the main hotel area, there are also spacious rooms for conference facilities, a kitchen, restaurant as well as a spa and fitness centre.

The upper floors will be divided into guest rooms, apartments and multi-room suites.
The challenge facing this project lies in the integration of the older building sections into the modern utilisation concept.

Project Facts:

intecplan services: service stages 1 to 4 of the HOAI (Official Scale of Fees for Services by Architects and Engineers in Germany) with strict attention paid to guidelines for the protection of historical monuments, the existing building fabric as well as usage requirements and service stages 6 through 8 of the HOAI.

Principal: Derag Deutsche Realbesitz AG & Co. KG / Hotel Düsseldorf KG

Architect: Design: TBV Baugesellschaft mbH, Execution: Beyß Architekten

Initial Planning: March 2009

Conclusion of Planning: October 2010

GFA: 13,500 m²

Building Services Construction Costs: approx. 7 M euros

Plumbing: centralized hot water supply to the entire building. Sanitary equipment with high technical and formal demands.

Heating: connection to the local district heating supply operated by local utility provider Stadtwerke Düsseldorf. Floor heating in the reception and conference areas.

Fire-Extinguishing Systems: sectional sprinkler systems in accordance with venue and public assembly regulations. Hydrant system available to fire fighting services.

Electric: DaLi (digital addressable lighting interface) lighting controls on the ground floor. Hallways, corridors and ancillary spaces equipped with presence detectors. Broadband LAN and telecommunications capabilities for the hotel rooms.

Ventilation: energy saving, VRV (variable refrigerant volume) cooling system for heating and cooling. Air conditioning equipment equipped with heat recovery and integrated cooling.

Building Automation: connection of individual room controls to the hotel’s in-house booking system for the purposes of energy savings, e.g. during periods of vacancy. Wireless window monitoring for the automatic shutdown of the fan coils in the rooms.

Safety & Security: wireless video surveillance. Anti-theft security system for art objects on display.