Construction of an office and administrative complex in Frankfurt’s Westend.

A modern six-storey administrative building is to be erected in downtown Frankfurt. The centre is to offer highly attractive, modern office facilities found in one of the most appealing locations at the heart of this bustling metropolitan area.

The building is to replace an existing structure erected in the 1970s which no longer meets present-day standards. The new office centre is to be built on a limited budget yet offer highly efficient, modern facilities equipped for cost effective operations. A wide range of user-specific requirements are to be taken into consideration during the conceptual design of the building’s services. A high workspace density with extensive technical equipment means that high interior temperatures and thermal loads are to be expected and accounted for. Regulations set forth in the German Energy Saving Ordinance EnEV 2007 are to be taken into consideration and observed.
Upon completion, the building will provide space for around 400 workstations equipped with state-of-the-art, energy saving technology. The six-storeys found aboveground are to be built upon two underground levels housing, among other things, a car park with 65 parking spaces. The new structure is to be visually connected in an elegant, unobtrusive manner to a neighbouring, historically-protected building.

Project Description

The property is to be erected as a modern, well insulated building. Due to high thermal loads, the cooling needs and systems shall have a large influence on the overall level of energy consumption in the building. Window-based ventilation is not possible due to a variety of factors including location, the utilisation concept and indoor climate control requirements. As a result, we decided upon ventilation solutions providing hygienic two-fold minimum air exchange rates and equipped with frequency converters, an integrated cooling unit and heat recovery systems. Installation of an ultramodern capillary ceiling pipe network in the office areas along with use of quick dissipation, compartmental cooling systems aid in the effective coverage of peak loads and demands.

Cooling is carried out in part by a water-cooled cooling unit with a hybrid recooling system and a highly effective, gas-fired condensing boiler system was selected for the building’s heating needs.
All of the sanitary facilities are equipped with water saving fittings. The lighting system, with its light dependent controls, fulfils all of the requirements for modern, ergonomically designed office spaces.

Project Facts:

intecplan services: Overall planning and construction supervision of the building services

Principal: Grundstücksgesellschaft Frankfurt Bockenheimer Landstraße GbR

Architect: Detlef Stephan Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH

Initial Planning: Januar 2007

Conclusion of Planning: 2011

GFA: 8.300 m²

Building Services Construction Costs: 10 M euros

Plumbing: high-efficiency 3-litre WC and urinal systems.

Heating: gas-fired condensing boiler system comprising two boilers of 400kW each. Waste heat produced by one of the cooling units will be stored during the day and used for concrete core activation as needed during night time hours.

Ventilation: ventilation system with frequency converter, integrated recooling system and heat recovery technology. Water-cooled cooling unit with hybrid recoolers.

Electric: medium-voltage transformer station linked to the low-voltage supply of the building’s main distributor. Energy saving, daylight- and occupancy-controlled lighting throughout.

Building Automation: separate control equipment and switchgear assemblies with acoustic alarms and local malfunction detection. Optional, individual usage metering and cost reporting for all areas.