For more than forty years after setting up the firm, the joint CEOs of intecplan, Heiko Lappe and Helmut Schwarz, had been looking for a way of passing on their entrepreneurial creation. In LIST Group, they have found a partner who shares their vision for the company.

With this partnership on hand, the twelve companies in the LIST Group are currently developing, planning and expanding properties from six locations throughout Germany. As a construction and property service provider, the Group is further expanding its competence in planning and thus its position as a full-range service provider. The LIST Group’s main reasons for this acquisition lie in intecplan’s expertise in the area of integrated planning. “We grow when the right candidates come along, i.e. whenever we have the opportunity to take on board a great team that we are naturally happy to deploy,” says Gerhard List, CEO of LIST AG.

intecplan will go on operating as it has to date, and Lappe and Schwarz will carry on providing active support over the coming years as managing partners of the company. “It’s important for both sides that intecplan continues as intecplan,” explains Mr Lappe. “The company has gained a very good reputation on the market,” adds Gerhard List, while also describing the next steps: “Working together with the management of intecplan, we intend to continue to expand the business.”

In addition to intecplan, LIST Ingenieure is another planning company forming part of the LIST Group. They will continue to be in charge of the projects of in-house construction companies and project developers, thereby serving a different sector to intecplan. Mr List nevertheless stresses that an intensive exchange of expertise is being sought, which will bring benefits for both companies.

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