A partner with an eye for the big picture.

What makes the intecplan Method stand out? The ideal interaction between generalists and multiple specialists. You can be sure of all the following: we will provide an experienced engineer to assist with your project. As a generalist, this person provides central coordination of all interfaces between the technical facilities and the building concerned. They organise the various completion phases – while ensuring smooth interaction of all the participants involved – and keeps track of the timing and quality of the work, as well as the costs. Their sound panoramic overview is the decisive factor. Based on the courses of action available, they provide the best solution for your project.

How you benefit

  • the person in overall charge is your direct contact
  • fewer interfaces mean faster and more efficient communication
  • an interdisciplinary expert “scout” accompanies your project from beginning to end

Integrated overall planning of your building services projects.

When it comes to technical building services, we rely on an integrated planning approach. From the very beginning, we synchronise all the interfaces between the building’s various technical systems, and integrate them into its construction. To achieve this, we adopt a systematic approach. During the design basis analysis, we establish a secure basis for all further planning steps, revealing useful options along the way. This is precisely where the optimisation potential of your technical equipment is at its greatest. Preliminary planning follows, after which we draft a coherent overall concept for all the equipment involved.

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Central management of your building services projects.

The technical management of a project involves combining all of the building services into a unified whole and plugging the gaps between the client, overall controller and planner. Instead of just carrying out plausibility assessments at this point, our engineers control the project from within. They can do so because they have the necessary planning skills, which create the secure basis that the planning partners and the next steps require.

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Holistic sustainability.

We create buildings with positive sustainability; both for people and the environment. Today, tomorrow, but, above all, throughout the entire life cycle. How does it work? By selecting, for example, high-quality, ecologically optimised building materials; or long-lasting, state-of-the-art technologies. Careful planning and the use of renewable energy sources are also important factors here.

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