The coronavirus crisis is having an impact on all parts of the economy, and the German property sector is likewise directly affected by measures designed to contain the virus. But how does this actually affect project developments? Experience shows us that economic crises are merely delayed in our sector, as the property market generally lags behind economic development as a whole. Some parts of the property sector and certain major projects are already on the watch-list, however, as missing personnel and shortages of building materials begin to make themselves felt on construction sites. Investment in German real estate is also dropping, as investors adopt a strategy of “wait and see”. So, which parts of the sector will be among the winners, and who is going to come out on the losing side?

Barometer aims to determine sector’s “climate index”
The project development barometer has been created to reflect developments in the property sector and construction industry on a daily basis. The coronavirus property sector climate index (known by its German initials “CII”) shows the current situation of the country’s real-estate business. In response to a quick query, it can deliver a twice-weekly snapshot based on the impressions of market players and experts (property developers, contractors, project/building managers, banks/investors and other participants in the sector). It is short and concise, and requires only brief input from the participants involved.

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